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How am I to sleep now that I’ve just caught a scene in The Paradise where an overbust corset is worn *upside down* with a pair of easily recognizable Bordello shoes? Certainly not the only sin committed thus far, but easily the most condemning!

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My apologies, dearhearts, that I have been negligent in sharing with you of late! I’ve been happily working with some really lovely people on bespoke and bridal orders, so I must be a bit secretive for a short while. Here’s a little taste of something that recently went out to a bespoke client though, and I hope to get to editing the images I have of it laced on a form soon. This is a pre-binding longline underbust of pink on white rose brocade coutil with hand-dyed satin coutil casings in a slightly deeper pink and a gunmetal busk for contrast. Seems it’s been an age since I worked in pastels, and there’s more of that on the way along with more rich jewel tones that are always exciting for me. More soon, lovelies!


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As long as you’re alright! :)

Aw, you’re very sweet! I am, thank you! Already back at it. ;)

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That has got to be a world record or something.

Hehe! Luckily it isn’t too bad and I can keep working tonight, but it was the kind of thing where I gasped when it happened, looked at it and thought, “shit, I hope that looks worse than it is.” Thankfully it wasn’t a brand new blade!

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Quite proud that I’ve managed to avoid cutting myself with my rotary cutter over the past 13 years. I *was* quite proud…

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I don’t understand why Aurora is Ravenclaw; she’s not all that bright.

I love this so very much! Two of my favoritest things, together at last! In a very timely sort of way too, given where I’ll be in October. :)

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It’s been awhile since I was so overwhelmed with inspiration that not getting out of bed to sketch just wasn’t an option. That was fun! Now that I’ve (hopefully) scribbled everything out, let me sleep, brain!

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Hooray, a coutil shipment! I just love these rose brocades and satin coutils.

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Watching Singles while I embroider birds is my idea of time well spent. :)

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Lily puppy seems to be a fan of the leather I’m working with today. (Don’t worry, it’s for me! )

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