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Elegant Wedding

Ooo, look! Here are some photos from Elegant Wedding magazine showcasing a wedding I performed at last summer with COCO FRAMBOISE - Burlesque Cabaret Showgirl and Lady Bona at the Fermenting Cellar. Swanky times! Thanks again to Coco for asking me to be a part of this!


I know I’ve been mostly posting vague details of recent projects (and at inauspicious times for tumblr, it seems!), so here I am wearing a couple of corsets at “work”! ;)

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I love pick-up appointments! This was one of my very favourite commissions of all time, and really the loveliest client a girl could hope for. I’m slightly wistful that our collaboration is at its end and I very much look forward to sharing photos with you all after the wedding at the end of August!

Now, I think belated birthday truffles are in order! :)

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Simply made for each other, n’est pas?

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Corset making in progress. Aided by Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears goodness.

Claudia Savage.


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I’m doing a bit of a wider binding on this piece (yes, I did a little happy dance inside when my client wanted a bolder binding to bring out the contrast more) and changing my order a bit to better accommodate the flossing, and I’m in love! Will post pictures if my lovely bridal client is okay with it, but otherwise I’ll share as soon as I can after the wedding. :) So much love in this piece. For now, I will tease you by sharing what is sure to be the very vaguest of details, which is the before and afters of the dyed silk floss. We’re quite pleased with the outcome!

Oddly, my favourite silk doesn’t come in a true orange, so I opted for the closest lighter colour I could find with the intention of having it go for an orange hot tub experience. It’s just gorgeous, I wish the shop had more on hand and I’d go back for it! But it’s not quite right, as you can see in the first picture. It was hard to capture the true colour, but it’s a very warm gold, but it needs to match this silk!

And here is the result of my efforts:

As you can see, it’s still very lustrous indeed! I’ve done this before for an elusive olive green as well. (which is from beige, as a reference) I take them off the spools because I just don’t trust them to dye evenly otherwise. It’s a lot of fun coaxing the next apart and winding into tidy loops. :) I’ve definitely done more dying in the past few months than I ever have in my career, which is a neat thing.

Alright then, back to it for me!

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A summertime throwback Thursday.

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Just for fun, I decided to count up the rows of stitching that comprise the corset I’m working on. 130 lines of stitching, not including the flossing and finishing the binding by hand. I was quite surprised!

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Man, I love having a machine that I can switch the feed dogs in!

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Is anyone else as excited as I am to see these colours come together? I can’t show you the bridal commission in progress that these belong to, but this is the promise of something delicious!

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A Lady’s Dressing Proccess by Ninidu

This is adorable! *love*

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