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ciocrazies Asked: As a burlesque performer was there ever a problem with singing while corsetted? And to your knowlege is a full singing breath achaivable while laced up??

I’ve always strictly been a peeler, so I can’t give you my personal experience performing vocally while corsetted (though I have no trouble at all belting it out in the privacy of my own home). ;) What I can tell you as a long-time corset wearer and professional corsetiere is that a properly fitted corset should allow room for your ribs. Styles with a cupped rib shape (as opposed to a conical rib shape) better accommodate a full breath for most people, while deep belly breathing may not be possible depending on the shape of the corset, the reduction, and your anatomy. I knew a corsetiere who made a corset for an opera singer and used firm elastic cord for the lacing, but I can’t vouch for whether or not that would be successful as I didn’t see it in person. The professional singers I’ve made corsets for have all been able to sing wonderfully while corsetted, so I’m confident you’ll be able to as well if you find the right fit. Thank you for the question!

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That satisfying moment when you figure out the right pleating recipe to fit the waist of your dress. Why am I making summer dresses in September (aside from the fact that I’m routinely a season behind in making my own wardrobe)? Florida in the balmy fall!

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Burlesque ~ Mina La Fleur From Girlesque

Sweet, I’ve been gifed! :) I think that’s a first.

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Here is a somewhat better lit shot of the front of an asymmetrical bespoke corset. This piece was a fun adventure as my client allowed me a good deal of creative freedom with the design. It’s also a bit of a departure from my usual construction methods with the boning being hidden for a smoother look under clothes. I was so thrilled to hear from this client a couple of weeks ago to let me know how much she’s enjoying wearing it and that it’s very comfortable!

Cassandra decided on colours that would imply an elegant take on traditional shapewear and I just adore the richness of the beige with the black coutil. The bones of this piece are built on to an inner foundation of coutil, covered by a soft cotton sateen lining. The outside is an asymmetrical six panel design in rose brocade coutil. The coutil was hand dyed to match the beige colour of the plush Italian silk peau de soie appliques. Gold hardware completes the warm tones of the fabric. Much basting and draping went into this gorgeous piece!

See a shot of Cassandra trying on her new corset for the first time: https://www.facebook.com/AtelierLaFleur/photos/a.133809320069425.26135.112315592218798/547174242066262/?type=1&permPage=1

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Just a quick update to let you all know that I’ll be back to the grind on Monday and happily booking appointments. Before I left, I also cut some fun things to get started on when I’m back at home with my Juki. Do send an email if interested in commissioning a piece for fall/winter! latelierdelafleur at gmail.com

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Finally making a little progress in my lady-like pursuits. I’ve not picked this one up in awhile! It’s a lovely day to embroider outside.

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Elegant Wedding

Ooo, look! Here are some photos from Elegant Wedding magazine showcasing a wedding I performed at last summer with COCO FRAMBOISE - Burlesque Cabaret Showgirl and Lady Bona at the Fermenting Cellar. Swanky times! Thanks again to Coco for asking me to be a part of this!


I know I’ve been mostly posting vague details of recent projects (and at inauspicious times for tumblr, it seems!), so here I am wearing a couple of corsets at “work”! ;)

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I love pick-up appointments! This was one of my very favourite commissions of all time, and really the loveliest client a girl could hope for. I’m slightly wistful that our collaboration is at its end and I very much look forward to sharing photos with you all after the wedding at the end of August!

Now, I think belated birthday truffles are in order! :)

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Simply made for each other, n’est pas?

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Corset making in progress. Aided by Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears goodness.

Claudia Savage.


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